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Not so long ago immortality was difficult if not impossible to achieve; the luxury of the famous, the conqueror, the film star, the hero and the best selling author.

Alexander The Great named cities after himself, and his tactics are still used in modern military academies. The pharaoh Ramesses II erected temples and pyramids, shamelessly scrubbing out his predecessor’s names. And of course there is Shakespeare, Dickens, Tolkoen, and The presidents whose faces glour down from mount Rushmore.

Let us not forget the sporting greats whose images survive on film and in print. The boxers, the golfers, the rugby players. Even the people who just run around a bit – the footballers and athletes of note are immortalised.

Mr Disney froze himself, Michael Jackson frightened himself to death and Marilyn Monroe just over did it. Elvis over-elvissed himself to oblivion, and numerous kings died in various entertaining and ghastly ways.

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How not to kill yourself with boredom

I came out on a Tuesday to discover that there was no longer a silver lining where it used to be, the Daniels or Walkers must have tampered with the trash bin, and with that disposed the lining, or built a covering around the obvious position of the lining. Wait a second, there was a hoe with that rake, where are you going to Johnny; I bet the longer you stay around Jack, you’ll end up a favourite on people’s wishes.

People come and go, and leave there belongings in a careless manner attracting others from distracted focuses. There is no connection whatsoever to the intent of our dreams before the encounter with either Jack or John of the Daniels family. I blame myself, I should’ve taken the longer route back home from work, now am just being funny, cause I don’t have a job. What is wrong with me?

Hello everyone this is how I start my day, when am not awake for the wrong the reason the previous night…around 5am I get, say my prayers on the days I remember (God forgive me), and on days I don’t, ahhh…don’t judge me. I do actually mumble some words that make me feel comfortable with the possibility that God would forgive my been ridiculous and actually grant me favour that day, but on the other side of my mind lies this questionable thought, riddled with chaotic inspirations as to what the odds of my actually having a great day would be, and that is when I realize that I have to go for a run that would perhaps give me the desired looks of Brad Pitt in the movie ‘Troy’….ahhh….who am i kidding right? But so what I jug, just beating those feet on the ground and making myself feel good about the earlier possibilities that may have squabbled through my mind. Gradually I make it through some kilometers, and now the thought of jugging back home, not so comforting especially when you’re like me, by that I mean …….lazy, it’s obvious that I know that but do I have to tell the good readers of this blog? I’m yet to answer that one.